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1) Go to ExMoney App or Website .
2) Login using your Registered mobile number.
3) Select preferred payment ways such as PayU, Paytm or Bank Transfer & your prefer option like wallet, debit card, UPI from different gateway.

There could be many reasons like poor credit score, incorrect KYC documents, information mismatch. It is not always or necessarily a reflection of your credit worthiness. We advice our customer to re-apply for a loan in 7 days in such cases. 

There is a good chance to increase this limit by availing more loans and making timely repayments. However, this also depends on other factors like your Pocket Money,credit score etc.

Please contact us via email: or call +91 62621 62662 or WhatsApp us on +91 62621 62662 (Daily 9AM-8PM, except public holidays)

Don't worry! Your data is safe with us. All the transactions on ExMoney are secured via 256-bit SSL encryption and the data is transferred over secured connections.

Once you fill your personal information along with KYC documents and bank account. We will verify the details and update you through SMS & Push Notification for approval. After that you need to give consent to our loan agreement and we will directly transfer the money into your bank account.

Please follow the below steps to apply a loan: 
1. Install the ExMoney App from Google Play Store or Open Website & register an account with basic KYC details, then submit to us.
2. We will verify and approve the loan.
3. After the approval, add your bank account & consent to our loan agreement on ExMoney App or Website , then approved loan amount will be disbursed into your account within 5 minutes.

How do I get a job with my pockets?

We are always looking for smart individuals to join our team. There are both full time and part time opportunities, which also include opportunities to work remotely. If you are interested please send an email to with your CV.

What are the connections and how do I connect with people?

Select “Friends” from the menu and then tap on “Connection”. You will be able to send connection requests to other users and accept requests from others. By connecting with other users you will be able to earn my pockets when they take loans and repay on time. If your connections delay loan repayments you also stand to lose my pockets.

What are my pockets and why do I need them?

my pockets is our reward program for good users. By earning more my pockets you will be able to qualify for a higher Tier rating of Silver, Gold or Platinum. Being in a higher Tier makes you eligible for cashbacks when you request a loan. A higher my pockets balance also contributes toward your credit limit calculation and potentially allows you to borrow more.

How do I earn my pockets?

You earn EXmoney in 2 ways. 1. When a user signs up for my pockets using your referral code and 2. When your connections take loan and repay on time. If your connections delay loan repayments you also stand to lose my pockets.

How can I repay the loan amount?

You can see the due date and namount on the transactions screen. Press PAY NOW to repay your loan any time. You can choose to repay using your PayTM wallet or Debit Card.

Do I have to repay less if I pay early?

No, you will have to repay the entire amount due. If you need the money for a shorter period please select an appropriate loan tenure in the future.

What if I repay late?

Paying after your due date is considered bad behavior and impacts your credit limit and ability to borrow on my pockets. You will also be charged a daily penalty fee based on how many days your repayment is overdue.

What if I do not repay?

Not repaying can have serious consequences. Every loan is backed by a legal contract that you digitally sign at the time you take the loan. Not repaying may impact your ability to borrow in the future or get a job (you may fail employer background checks). Among other things we may take the following actions 1. Communicate your non repayment status to any of your friends, relatives, college authorities, professors, associates and people they know. 2. Post your non-repayment status on our web site, a newspaper, or any social media such as Facebook. 3. Send people to your current or permanent place of residence to collect the dues.

Where can I get money?

At the time of making the lan request you can choose whether you want the money in your bank account or PayTM wallet. If you choose to receive the money in your bank account please ensure you have entered accurate information. And in case you have entered multiple bank accounts mark the one where you would like the money as PRIMARY.

I submitted my loan request but have not received the money?

Once you submit your loan request it may take a few hours to get approved, although it typically happens much faster. Only once your request is approved you will get your money transfer be processed.

How long does it take to get money in my PayTM wallet?

If you had requested money in your PayTM wallet it will be transferred instantly when your request is approved.

How long does it take to get money in my bank account?

Money requested in Bank Account takes up to 24 hours to process. If there are non-working days (weekend or bank holiday) in between it may take longer.

The transaction screen shows my loan was processed but I have not received the money?

You probably requested money in your bank account. Money requested in Bank account takes up to 24 hours to process. If there are non-working days (weekend or bank holiday) in between it may take longer.

It has been more than 24 hours. Why have I not received money in my bank?

Please check that you have entered the correct IFSC code and account number for your bank. In case you have provided multiple bank account details the money has been sent to the account marked PRIMARY.

How is the credit limit decided?

All approved users start with a credit limit of Rs.500. The limit is dynamic and can move UP and DOWN over time based on various factors. Limits are decided by our proprietary credit algorithm, which takes into account hundreds of different variables.

How to increase my Credit Limit?

In general, good behavior will lead to an increase in the limit over time. Good behavior includes but is not limited to 1. Repaying the loans on time, 2. Avoid re-borrowing immediately after repaying, 3. Referring friends to mPokket, 4. Increasing your connections, 5. Increasing your mCoins balance 6. Transacting regularly, etc

I just repaid my loan. Why did my credit limit not increase?

On time loan repayment is good behavior and gives you a better chance of enjoying a higher limit. However, it is not the case that your limit will necessarily increase after every repayment you make.

What is the maximum limit?

There is no maximum limit. Every user’s credit limit is unique and can continue to increase over time.

How do I go to my Profile?

In the Menu, click on the picture icon on the upper left to go into your Profile

How to get Profile approved?

You need to complete your Profile. Profile has 4 mandatory sections 1. About, 2. Education, 3. Video and 4. KYC. Bank detail is optional. Once the profile is completed the administrator approves them by verifying all the information provided by you. You will receive a notification in the App once your profile is approved.

How will I know what changes I need to make in my profile?

You will receive messages from us telling you what changes are required. In any section in the profile you can tap on the colored icons on the top left to see the approval status of that section and also read any related messages. A pop up will be displayed mentioning the changes required.

How long does it take to get my Profile approved?

Once complete accurate information is provided, the approval process can take up to 24 hours. But we try to do it in a much shorter time.

Who can borrow?

Only a student attending full-time college under a recognized university is eligible to borrow. Students pursuing a course in the correspondence are not eligible.

How to borrow?

To be able to borrow your Profile on the app has to be approved